Trump Looked Out For A Few Before He Left…


As Trump released the long list of pardons in the 11th hour Lil Wayne’s name made the list of over 140 names. Wayne faced ten years in jail after pleading guilty to gun possession last year. The “6 Foot 7 Foot” rapper traveled with a loaded handgun from California to Florida in 2019.

On October 29th Lil Wayne posted a picture of himself alongside the president and wrote about a “great meeting” he had with President Trump. Even though Wayne caught a lot of flack, it seems that he was making sure he was taken care of when the time came.

Trump also signed Pardons for rapper Kodak Black, Michael “Harry O” Harris who is the co founder of Death Row Records. No Suge Knight was not pardoned. A few others listed were Desiree Perez CEO at Roc Nation and former Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick .

Well Played Wayne.