Andra Day Becomes First Black Woman in 35 Yeats to win a Golden Globe for Lead Role


Andra Day made her Golden Globe debut on Sunday night (February 28) and walked away with a win for her portrayal of Billie Holiday in the Hulu movie “The United States vs. Billie Holiday.”

Andra  is the first Black actress to win the Best Actress award since Whoopi Goldberg 35 years ago for “The Color Purple.”

She  was tearful (of course ! cause she just made history)  while accepting her award thanking, “the amazing, transformative, dynamic Billie Holiday, who just transformed me with this role and with her presence and with her spirit.” 

Andra was going to turn down the role initially because she felt she wouldn’t do it any justice. Glad she reconsidered.

Day was also nominated along with Raphael Saadiq for Best Original Song, “Tigress & Tweed” however the win went to “Io sì” from “The Life Ahead.”

What did you think of “The United States vs Billie Holiday?” Was it a hit or miss for you?