412 Rhymes Wants To Help Your Little One Read!


We know this pandemic has been wreaking havoc on the adults, but it’s been just as stressful on the kids. There have been reports that show that kids are struggling with learning and retaining information but my friends from 412 Rhyme want to help you and your little one learn as much as possible while making it fun.

412 Rhymes, an exciting new text-message based literacy program for 3-5 year old’s living in Pittsburgh. This free ten-week program is video-based and delivered entirely through text messages. Caregivers who register a child will receive three text messages each week for ten weeks beginning the week of February 8th. These messages will have links to highly interactive video-based lessons focused on rhyming, letter sounds, and phonemic awareness. You can watch a lesson, learn more about the program, and register using the links below. Don’t delay! Registration is limited to 350 children.


For more information and questions please reach out to hello@openliteracy.com.

Check out the first episode and don’t forget to sign up for FREE!