COVID-19 all-in-one update

(NEW YORK) — Here’s the latest information on the COVID-19 coronavirus as of 9:55 a.m. ET.

Latest reported numbers globally per Johns Hopkins University
Global diagnosed cases: 5,127,125
Global deaths: 333,398.  The United States has the most deaths of any single country, with 94,729.
Number of countries/regions: at least 188
Total patients recovered globally: 1,964,622

Latest reported numbers in the United States per Johns Hopkins University
There are at least 1,577,758 diagnosed cases in 50 states + the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and Guam.  This is more than in any other country.
U.S. deaths: at least 94,729.  New York state has the greatest number of reported deaths in the U.S., with 28,743.
U.S. total patients recovered: 298,418
U.S. total people tested: 13,056,206

The greatest number of reported COVID-19 cases in the U.S. is in New York, with 356,458 confirmed cases out of a total state population of 19.5 million.  That is the most reported cases than in any other single region in the world.  New Jersey is next, with 151,586 reported cases out of a total population of 8.88 million.

Latest reported deaths per state
Visit for the latest numbers.

School closures
For a state-by-state interactive map of current school closures, please visit the Education Week website, where numbers are updated once daily.

There are 98,277 public schools and 34,576 private schools in the U.S., according to the National Center for Education Statistics. Those schools educate almost 50.8 million public school students and 5.8 million private school students.

The latest headlines
Black Americans, Latinos nearly three times as likely to know someone who died of COVID-19
Though fewer than one in five Americans is likely to know someone who died from COVID-19 or its complications, those numbers are significantly higher for black Americans and Latinos.  A new ABC News/Ipsos poll, released today, shows 30% of black adults and nearly as many Latino adults, 26%, in America say they know someone who’s died of the coronavirus, or complications from the disease.  That number drops to 10% for white adults.  The findings are consistent with local and national data reported by states and cities and reviewed by ABC News that revealed racial and ethnic minorities suffer a disproportionate share of the negative health and economic outcomes from the coronavirus pandemic.  The poll results come as all 50 states have begun easing COVID-19 lockdown restrictions, and the U.S. death toll from the virus nears 100,000 — 94,729 as of this morning, according to Johns Hopkins University.

US child vaccinations decrease amid COVID-19 fears
As COVID-19 lockdowns keep most Americans from visiting the hospital for anything other than an emergency, an unwanted – and ironic – consequence is that the number of children receiving routine vaccinations for other diseases has dropped in 20 states, according to a survey by ABC News.  ABC News contacted health officials in all 50 states, of which 20 responded and all of which said they were seeing the decline in childhood vaccinations.  In New York City, which has more coronavirus infections than any other city in the U.S., there’s been a 42% drop in vaccinations for kids two years old and younger, and a dramatic 91% vaccination drop for children aged two and older.  Other responding states are seeing declines of from 40% to nearly 80%.  Physicians fear the drop in vaccinations could result in a resurgence of illnesses than can generally be prevented or managed, such as flu and mumps, resulting in additional, preventable outbreaks of childhood illnesses as the nation continues to struggle to meet the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

State shuts down gym that defied mandatory closure order
New Jersey officials on Wednesday shut down the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr for repeatedly refusing to stay closed, as mandated by Gov. Phil Murphy’s stay-at-home order.  Acting on behalf of the Camden County health department, gym owners Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti were twice fined $2,000 this week for opening on Monday and Tuesday in defiance of the mandated lockdown.  Trumbetti vowed to a gathered crowd Tuesday morning, “I will not close my doors again unless I’m behind bars.”  Trumbetti and Smith told Philadelphia TV station WPVI that the gym remained closed Thursday because the sewer backed up Wednesday.  He also said they were consulting with attorneys and weighing their legal options.  Gyms are considered especially high-risk for transmitting and contracting COVID-19 and are not generally considered essential businesses.

Good news!
Seven-year-old raises $4,000 for hospital workers by playing ukulele
Even if you’re not a fan of the ukulele, you’ve got to love this story.  Seven-year-old Lilyana Roman of Manchester, New Hampshire wanted to do her part to help out front-line medical workers at nearby Elliot Hospital.  As WMUR Manchester reports, Lilyana began playing ukulele in her front yard, asking neighbors to donate in return.  Her goal was to raise $500.  By the time she was done, she’d raised $4,000 in all.  “People would get scared and stay inside, so I thought I could give them money to get more tools to help people,” Lilyana said, adding that she plans to keep on playing her ukulele as long as people keep giving.  Anyone not in the neighborhood who wants to make a donation can do so online at the Front Lines New Hampshire website – make sure you put “In honor of Lilyana” in the donation comments.

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