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Getting A Flu Shot? Make Sure You Do This First

Before you get a flu shot, get good sleep to increase its effectiveness, experts say...

Chipotle Is Now Charging for Tortillas on the Side

Chipotle Is Charging For Tortillas On The Side, Putting An End To A Cult-Favorite Menu Hack

Pittsburgh is the 18th “Rattiest City” in America

Chicago is the 'rattiest city' in America for the sixth year in a row

Black Friday all November?!

Walmart Shared Its Black Friday Plans For This Year And You Can Expect Deals All November Long

Cardi B & Offset Reunite Again

Cardi B & Offset Reunite Again, Don't Look Like Divorcing Couple

Tory Lanez Ordered to Stay Away from Megan

Tory Lanez Ordered To Stay Away From Megan Thee Stallion As Felony Assault Trial Heats Up

Scientists Say Coronavirus Can Survive For 28 Days On Smartphone Screens

Virus that causes COVID-19 can survive for up to 28 days on phone screens and plastic bank notes, study finds

Latest 2020 Threat – Poison Caterpillars

Virginia residents warned to stay away from hairy, venomous caterpillars: "SocialDistance away from this caterpillar!"

Tory Lanez Charged with Felony Assault in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting

Tory Lanez Facing Assault, Gun Charges for July Shooting

Officer Charged with Killing George Floyd Released on Bail

Derek Chauvin, former officer seen in video with knee on neck of George Floyd, released from prison on bail

Uber Deploying Food Trucks on Election Day

Uber Deploying Free Food Trucks to Select Cities on Election Day to Make Sure Voters Don't Get Hangry